Artists Window - Rembrandt by Kyle Km



DIMENSIONS (Height - 25.40 cm X Width - 20.32 cm )
GENRE Still Life
REGISTERED NRN # 000-43065-0135-01
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Artist: Kyle Km


Kyle was born in Christchurch, New Zealand and spent his childhood creatively exploring all his passions of singing, acting, dancing, arts, and performing in plays, musicals, and in three seasons of the children’s television show “The Dress Up Box”. 


Moving with his family to the Gold Coast, Australia when he was 11 years old he began to explore newer interests in graphic design, animation and gaming development, film and television production, as well as further exploring his performative acting, singing, dancing, and acrobatic skills. Through this period of his teenage years he began to develop an affinity with his artistic practice that was deeply associated with angsty teenage hardships to discover his identity, understand his peers, and exploring his queer self. Art was always his go to when everyone and everything else disappeared. When he struggled with mental health issues, depression, and isolation he was always able to dive into visual arts as a creative practice and eventually he found solace in his productive solitude. 


Completing high school he began to lose interest in most social activities and in turn fell deeper into the obsession that became his art career. In 2011 he began to focus on the fundamentals of drawing and began exploring art styles and techniques. This was followed by years of creating a solid foundation of skills to build his practice and style on top of. He has travelled the globe extensively, breathing in as many cultures and expressions of identity as is presented to him. Taking a philosophical and sociological appropriation to the queer aspects of infinite cultures.


The near decade from ’11-‘19 was mainly compiled of self education in the skills of life drawing, colour theory, oil techniques, and more. This student mentality period was completed by travelling to Los Angeles and studying under artists Michael Hussar, Kevin Llewellyn, David Cheifetz to solidify his understanding of his practice. To create art using the classical artistic techniques of old (and new) masters. Kyle had one particular affinity to that of Rembrandt Van Rijn.


Settling down in Narrm [Melbourne] Australia Kyle works to develop his art practice further in an endless exploration of self. With his main passion working in oil colour. He has a focus of creating emotive, dark, figurative, and queer artworks that explore the creative identity. Taking old world styles and traditional oil painting practices he reinterprets them with modern subjects and in current cultural themes.


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Australia - Brisbane • Gold Coast • Melbourne • Victoria • Canberra • Perth

New Zealand - Christchurch

Unites States - Missouri • Boston • California • Virginia

Italy - Milan

Finland - Oulo

Canada - Toronto

Colombia - Envigado


Exhibitions • Events



Pink, Tacit Gallery - Group show

Give Me Life, So High Gallery - Curated group show, live oil painting.

Give Me Life, Second Story Studios - Curated group show, live illustration.


Give Me Life, So High Gallery - Group show and live oil painting.


Give Me Life, Melbourne - Live oil painting.

Give Me Life, Melbourne - Live oil painting.


NSFW, Bside gallery - Group show.

Dark Honey, Off The Kerb Gallery - Group show.


Beaut XIV, Beaut Club - Nightclub installation, showcase.

Peculiar Portraits, Union Hotel - Group show.

Truth or Dare, Brunswick Street Gallery - Group show


Toms Bar, Brisbane - Live oil painting.

RAW, Brisbane - Artwork showcase.


State Library of QLD - Group show. 


In Design, Chair Biz - Live art and auction.

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