Free Chairs And A David Hockney Poster by Paul Pritchard

ARTIST NOTES: "Free Chairs and a David Hockney Poster" takes as its subject the hard rubbish that is a feature of life in Melbourne suburbs. It aims to show there can be beauty even in discarded familiar objects on a nature strip. The painting directly quotes David Hockney's "Mt Fuji and Flowers", but also playfully alludes to another of his paintings: "Three Chairs with a Section of a Picasso Mural".


DIMENSIONS (Height - 20.32 cm X Width - 25.40 cm )
MEDIUM ON BASE Acrylic on Stretched Canvas
GENRE Streetscape
REGISTERED NRN # 000-42532-0134-01
COPYRIGHT © Paul Pritchard
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Artist: Paul Pritchard


Paul Pritchard is a late-emerging artist, after taking up art in retirement after a career as an academic and software engineer. Initially a self-taught painter in acrylic, in 2020 Paul began study in Visual Arts at Melbourne Polytechnic to improve his technical skills and engage with the art community.

Paul's art strives for realistic and accurate draughtsmanship, and favours colourful subjects. He likes to highlight the visual interest and beauty in the everyday environment, and to reference art history, often by paying tribute to artists that he admires.